Fun and Games With Penny and Sub-Penny Stocks

Investing in the stock market and making money at it is very hard. Some of the most experienced and educated people fail to do this. Most people that trade stocks for a living lose all of the time. They just win more then they lose. They may lose $100,000 in one day, but will make $200,000 with the rest of their trades, later in the week. You have to constantly watch for signs that a stock is going to go up or down. These signs can be based off of news, press releases or by looking at charts.

There are so many factors when it comes to trading stocks that it could take years of experience before you can accurately trade. The risk of losing your money is very high and a lot of people make the mistake of risking too much when first starting out. They feel that it’s easy to just listen to free tips and catch a winner, easily making 100% profit all in one day. This rarely happens and when it does, people usually end up giving it back because they don’t quit.

I’ve had many experiences trading stocks. None of them went well. The reason I never did well is that I didn’t know what I was doing. I mostly bought stocks based on what certain investment forums and websites recommended. I made some profit a few times, but I never knew when to sell. I’d either sell to early, missing out on huge profits, or buy too late when the stock started to bottom out. Unless you are very good at this, you will most likely lose.

I’ve read several good books on reading charts and applying those techniques to trading. Many of the methods are time tested and proven. The problem comes with human emotions. If you hesitate to sell, or go off a hunch or a feeling then you will fail. The key to making money using these systems is to trust the system. It will not always succeed but it will work more then it doesn’t work. The key with these systems is to follow them exactly. You have to follow every step they give and repeat the process over and over, while using a good system of managing your money.

Unless you are willing to go to school and become educated in the area of the stock market, it’s not worth risking your money. You need to put in the hours, weeks and months learning how everything works and even still you will not be ready. You need to find someone that is very good at trading stocks and spend a lot of time watching them. Learn the ropes and become experienced.

Then start trading stocks with fake money and see how you do. I would recommend you do this for at least 6 months and if you do really well then start out with a small amount of money. Some amount that would not hurt you financially if you lost it. Then you work your way up. This is the proper approach but many people do not have the self control to do this. I am one of those people. I’ve lost enough money trading stocks that I have learned it’s not for me. It’s like gambling for me since I do not know what I am doing. Treat it the same way and be smart.